Development Update: WiFi Dongle and Web interfaces

Posted on October 31st 2011

Quick update on the xk3y wifi Dongle and Web Interfaces.

xk3y WiFi is a wireless B/G/N USB dongle that unlocks the full potential of the powerful xk3y Linux system. The xk3y web interface provides seamless integration with any device with a browser and WiFi, such as iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, PCs, and more.

The xk3y WiFi comes with a default web interface but it also opens up access to the xk3y API, making it possible to create homebrew apps for controlling xk3y! This is where xk3y WiFi will really flourish.

We have started the Pre-Orders to our Distributors/Resellers and they should soon list the xk3y WiFi dongle for pre-order as well.

RRP: US$29.95

Here is another short demo video from Mr_Waffle showing of xk3y wifi, using a gallery script to make a Cover Slide menu system.

YouTube Video